Keg bars

The keg bar is made from stainless steel and has the amazing look of the glowing LED lights an industry first! The bar can dispense two different types of draught beer or cider, has easy to move wheels for transport and looks amazing at any function, party of event. Fully set-set up by our professional staff for great cold beer for any function.

With the robust stainless steel shell the bar still allows for the service of wines, cocktails and other drinks however for something truly unique and different contact Kubarz for the first LED draught “glow” bar! With the success of the glow bars we have taken this concept across to the keg bars enabling you to have your logo / name in lights. With LED lights the bar becomes an attraction not just a bar. With the explosion of the number micro-breweries the options are endless. Speak to us and I am sure we can find something that suits your taste.

 Dimensions: 1.62m long 0.72m wide 1m high